“Your outer world is a perfect mirror of your inner world”


It is from this philosophy that The House of Boheme was born, to create complete harmony between the mind, body and home.

M I N D  |  Our blog gives tips on holistic lifestyle and wellbeing, from meditation techniques to using food as medicine.

B O D Y  |  Our events allow us to connect in person, creating a sense of community and an opportunity to take time out for self love.

H O M E  | Our homewares are handmade and personally selected by us with care, to transform the home into a beautiful sanctuary that reflects the bliss we’ve created in our minds.

The House of Boheme was founded by Josephine Benning, a stylist, reflexologist, plant addict and lover of all things holistic. After a lifetime of travelling and moving from city to city, she understood the need of creating a sanctuary, a go-to place to reconnect with yourself, wherever in the world you may be. The psychological benefits of having this calm space have been explored for thousands of years, from Feng Shui to Hygge, and having experienced it first hand, Jo wanted to help and encourage others to create their own sanctuary, in the mind, body, and home.