All of our Cushions and Poufs are sold unstuffed, to be filled according to your own preference of firmness. There are several different options for filling… here’s a few suggestions;

Polyester/ Corn Fibre-Fill - A super soft, lightweight filling, best suited to Cactus Silk Cushions or Berber Poufs. Can be bought at a haberdashery, large home stores or ordered online.

Pillow Inserts - The easiest filling, providing the inserts fit the product you are stuffing. We use 1-2 in our cushions and 4 in our Poufs. 

Old Rags - The most eco-friendly way of stuffing - using your old clothes, towels, bedding not only provides a great insert but also helps our environment and reduces landfill!

Newspaper - Rolled top newspaper provides a firm filling, best used in Leather pouf



Shipping INFO

We use DHL courier service and aim to process all orders within 1-5 business days. Please contact us if you have any specific requirements:





We offer a full refund or exchange on any items shipped back to us within 14 days, providing they arrive in their original condition.

Unfortunately we cannot refund the return delivery cost.





Although we hand select all of our products to ensure the highest quality, they often feature 'imperfections' due to the way in which they're made, by hand in Berber villages. They may be uneven in shape, feature imbalanced patterns or faded in colour. This is a sign of the history and personal love that has gone into the making of each product, so adds to its value and character, rather than taking from it. 

If you require further information about a particular product, please email us at and we'd be happy to help.