My obsession with Moroccan rugs started many moons ago, but the severity of it only really became apparent on my first trip to the Atlas Mountains last year. 

The time and love that goes into making each one is actually pretty insane. Berber women spend weeks, sometimes MONTHS (?!) making them, each tribe with a completely different style, depending on their particular needs throughout history or the materials they have readily available to them.

Obviously, while in Morocco, I had no option other than to buy as many as I could afford and spent the rest of our ‘holiday’ on a mission for a supplier who could turn some of the rugs into poufs and cushions. It wasn’t until the delivery actually arrived back in the UK that the reality struck of where the f**k I was actually going to keep them all. Like all true love stories though, I acted on impulse and knew if it was meant to be, it would be. These magic carpets seriously made my heart go boom and I needed them in my life.

It was at a similar time that I was feeling a little lost in London. After spending years living in different places, I’d always found my little sanctuary, a local spot that became my home from home where I could go to for a bit of grounding. For some reason though, I just couldn’t find it in London. Yoga classes felt like gym sessions, meditation classes too religious and coffee shops massively pretentious. 

Over the years, I’ve spent (probably a bit too much) time reading books on how to create an inner sanctuary, the connection between our outer and inner world and how our surroundings can affect us psychologically.

The combination of this, plus my desperate need to find a sanctuary in London and the truck full of rugs I had sat in my boyfriend’s parents living room, were the magical ingredients that led to my idea for The House of Bohème. I needed to create a sanctuary in my mind, body and home and wanted to help others do the same through holistic events, a regular blog and beautiful interiors to turn a home into an external bliss.

And so here I find myself, a few months and several break-downs later, writing my first blog post ready for my website launch. The first event is this weekend, with two incredible women, a yoga and a meditation teacher (that I just so happened to meet after putting my request in with the universe) and so The House of Boheme journey begins...

Who knows what will become of this and if I’ll just end up in loads of debt with a really over-furnished house, but what I do know is that when you find what makes your heart go boom, you have to grab it and run with it as fast as you can. Otherwise you’ll never know.